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Great People

By: Lorena25 | July 29, 2016

House And Home Exteriors, serviced my mother's roof on October 15, 2015. There were 2 service men, including Marcus. They were professional, pleasant, helpful and decent. There were before and after photographs taken. The roof, chimney, and limbs hanging over on the roof were completed with expertise. Fabulous company and staff.

Siding Remediation

By: thebrickster | August 19, 2014

I have a bungalow house in Burnaby, and I got Siding Vancouver to do the renovation for me. I had a contractor on the house to start the project, then he just up and stopped working one day (after he got paid). Siding Vancouver stepped up to the plate and finished the contract. It never ended up costing me any more money, as they worked with me. In return all they wanted was to let them put a lawn sign up for a couple months in my front yard. Not a bad deal eh!! Thank you Burnaby Siding!!

Siding Vancouver

West Georgia Street 1300-1500 Vancouver, BC

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Former Employee

By: nosliw77 | September 4, 2012

I worked for this guy for a day and a half, his pace is very slow, takes him 3 weeks to side a standard sized house.
Having a very hard time getting my pay from him as well. Only owes me 210.00, but he is putting up a fight about it.
He doesn't work in light rain or anything, so forget about working when it starts getting cold, not a good guy to work for.

Coldek Contracting Ltd

5888 West Park Cres Red Deer, AB

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