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Bad Business

By: blazeandson | March 12, 2018

This company is owned by awful people running an awful business!!
They hire contractors to do the work and don't pay them for it. Check it's public record how many times these guys have been sued and are currently being sued by multiple parties and Other businesses. These guys should be shut down!!!!!! I wouldn't have them build me a dog house!!!!!

Terrible service, terrible owner

By: TeresaLDerrick | October 27, 2017

I hired this company to do a metal roof and Celect vinyl siding on a very small cottage. The products look great, the installation is embarrassingly bad. Two very obviously untrained employees did the installation with very little oversight from any manager. When we called after two days and said it seemed they were working very slowly the owner yelled at my husband to” don’t worry about it I’m not charging you extra”. The installation was bad, they are being difficult to work with on coming back to do repairs. In the meantime two, TWO, contractors have said it’s very poor workmanship. Be very careful if you choose this company. I wish I’d taken the reviews I found to heart.

Nor Star Aluminum Products Ltd

20 Gray Road Bracebridge, ON

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Stay Away

By: pearly1979 | September 25, 2017

UPDATE: On Sept 27th the owner proceeded to move forward with a mechanic lien for the full amount due, once again not reflecting any credit for the flooring. Two days prior, after 3 months time, and my leaving reviews online, he finally sent a new invoice actually reflecting a $2000 credit for the flooring, and $525 credit for the change order I never signed. Though he did this, he only gave me two days to consider and accept this settlement before filing the lien for $5214.00, which is $2525 more than the final invoice he gave me two days prior. Two days! All of this has taken place while simultaneously trying to work through the bbb complaint process to resolve the issues. He also has said "I will contact an attorney if you keep bashing our business names on different media sites."

9/25/17 We had a large in-law renovation done for my disabled grandmother. We had two different plumbing leaks they had to return and fix. The business owner said that the flooring...



By: Allan Small | September 21, 2017

To whom it may concern

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction for the installers at C.A.P.O.R. Renovations.
My wife and myself have just got our roof re shingled.We were promised a professional job and a timely finish. We met with a slick talking sales man who told us that all of their installers where trained professionals ..Things went down hill very quickly from here on.They were suppose to start this job on Monday. No show and no call.Tuesday my wife called to find out if someone was going to come to our house some day soon.The installers arrived after 10am on Wednesday and stayed six or seven hours..Just long enough to damage my neighbors truck..At this time my wife was told by the professional installer in these exact words I"M NOT FUCKING PAYING FOR THAT. These are suppose to be professional trained insured installers .The slick talking sales man told me a bold faced lie, he told me that the damage would be repaired to the owners satisfaction. But...


Capor Windows & Doors

3953 Bostwick Rd London, ON

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Warranty Issue

By: davidtrudel2000 | July 17, 2017

Not happy with how Gentek handled my claim. Installer and rep looked at my siding. Both agreed that install was done correctly and that the product had failed. This has been going on since 2015 and still no results. nI understand that all vinyl product may have issues, but I will never use this companies product again nor will I recommend it to anyone!n

Gentek Building Products

4319 Boban Dr Nanaimo, BC

category: Siding - Contractors

Happy Customer!

By: davidtrudel2000 | July 17, 2017

Bought Kaycan's Davinci siding through Slegg Lumber about 5 years ago. Colour still looks great. Pulled apart seam to see if there was any colour change and there wasn't!
I was skeptical of going with vinyl again because of a previous warranty issue with another supplier. Mind you it was a lighter colour, installed correctly....faded and they wouldn't do anything for me. Slegg says Kaycan will stand behind their warranty 100% (i'll be the judge of that.....knock wood) Kaycan product seems thicker as well. Happy with them. Both Slegg for their customer service and Kaycan for the better product.

Kaycan Limited

4810 Ledgerwood Rd Nanaimo, BC

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Great People

By: Lorena25 | July 29, 2016

House And Home Exteriors, serviced my mother's roof on October 15, 2015. There were 2 service men, including Marcus. They were professional, pleasant, helpful and decent. There were before and after photographs taken. The roof, chimney, and limbs hanging over on the roof were completed with expertise. Fabulous company and staff.


By: non-member | July 16, 2016

We've had Gentek, vinyl siding on our home for 11 years. It's their pebble color, so not really that dark. It's fading and chalking badly, and they won't do squat under their bogus warranty! And yes, I've washed it. On the south side, above a roof, it's warping and curling so bad that I can't even get the sample piece back on that I'd sent in to their useless warranty lab! Ya, I'm choked!!!!

Now I have to try to make it look good myself and pay out of my own pocket! Do yourself a favour and get something else!

Hope this helps,

Gentek Building Products

1049 Mccurdy Rd Kelowna, BC

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